I learnt something over this week.

And i realized how my selfishness has badly affected a team.

It is selfish to know that you hate something, but you are not doing something about it, to make it works. It is selfish when you are not giving your best and waiting for others to cover up your flaws. It is selfish to listen to your heart, let your emotional controlling your head and block your mind from something, just because your heart says no.

Sometimes, you need to tell your heart to shut up, and do what you need to do, think about others, and how your action and sequences will effect others.

It is indeed selfish when you are not happy with something and you want others to feel the same too, when they are totally happy with that something.

And for that, I have to stop being selfish. Strategize things. Do better.

You got this,dear self.

p/s: gotta be thankful for those who were there to hear my rant, to show the positive side, and make me believe that I can.

You know who you are. Amalia. abewe. bdin. ikmal & buya


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