first out station

i'm already here, in Kedah, Alhamdulillah.

i'm kinda excited, and nervous at the same time. i hope the workload is bearable, and i'm very positive about this coming 2 weeks.

May Allah ease everything! will definitely update how my finding at the end of the trip.

-16 Oct 17, 9.19 a.m


Dah habis gais!

SuhanAllah. What a wonderful experience. Workloads are okay even though there are still pending items.

coming back here is like something that i really wanted to, because i always love to be in kedah. because it connects me deeply to my late Ayah. and most of my uncles and aunties, and grandma is still here,

i have to say it was quite rushing to see them, because i'm on a work trip. tapi terharu lah tok gagahkan jugak keluaq nak jumpa aku omg!  and kebetulan duduk hotel dekat dengan my cousin so she come to see me for a few nights la. i feel like home! tapi for the next trip, mungkin dah tak ada macam ni. but it's okay.

my senior baik! and up to challenge jugak. weh i drove a big car using kampung-sempit road and drove to perlis! it's a huge achievement for me hahah.

and one of the best thing is the soothing scenery.


These are all unfiltered picture. and the last one, is the road that we have to use to get to the office.
Excited sampai keep calling my friends weh hahah.

Kedah people is always warm in nature. ok ada la jugak yang cengeh. Mami dekat kantin tu pun tolong aku belikan my fav kopi walaupun baru kenai! and suka sangat kalau tanya pasal makan dekat strangers. warm people everywhere! maybe they just know that we are not local haha.

The foods. uish toksah habaq laa. i know i spent super a lot here. but food is bae kan. dapat la rasa roti dol, makan dekat famous hai thien in perlis and other places.

Best betul duduk tempat client, jenguk luaq, scenery dia.. mashaAllah. sejuk mata memandang. Client pun baik! Suka sangaaat. very helpful and efficient.

But still ada je lah masa we have to stay up a bit, find wifi in mcd and starbuck to do our works. kinda tiring. i fell sick kejap. but all is good.... until the last day, when something not nice happened. *cry*

But overall it was a great trip. although this is my first time knowing my senior, she's nice tho. and lucky that we have the same taste of music! boleh la nyanyi sesama dalam kereta haha.

So.. i need to check in and settle other works before flying back to KL and spend time with my family. it's  a once in a bluemoon opportunity since... i'm actually engage with other team. heheh. 

Allah dah susun cantik dah. perhaps He knows i just need some holiday, escapism and some times to see my tok. 

Bersangka baik lah ye kawan kawan.

looking forward for the next trip with one more company. but im not expecting much kot. sebab.. kedah is my hometown. not terengganu. and heard as if tempat dia quite deep. hahah. tak sabar nak tengok beach!

Till next time. Take care.

p/s: perasan lately aku asyik contact semua kengkawan aku. nak rindu pun tak sempat lol


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