getting up

I'm not saying I'm loving nor disliking everything in here.

you know, when the negativity strikes in, you can't stay in the darkness for a long time. You won't find the path to walk forward. maybe you are trap in a room. walk around to find the way out but you cant see anything.

when such thing happen, chill. if you want to cry, and clear your thoughts, go ahead. talk to someone you trust. or talk to many people. they'll give you different solutions, but choose which one suits you better.

keep calm. go down, bow, pray, cry to Him.

maybe only after you cry, your vision will be clearer.

you'll eventually learn to accept and adapt.

you see things as challenges. a new task and a challenge to complete. to give your best, to change your dislike to goals.

your mindset is very important.

get up. it's a world full of adventure. it's gonna be fun!


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