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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trip to Pattani - Social Shared Value : Global Voluntours


The weekend after I went to PD, I had another job to settle, which was Social Shared Value : Global Voluntours in Pattani. It was supposed to be held in January, but due to the bad flood, we had to postponed our event.

Pre Trip

I heard about the project since last year from the boss, Fazrul (Abewe) and I was excited. Tapi takde lah bayangkan to join the committee, since I knew it’s going to be kind of big event for our faculty. Then he proposed me to help him and offered me two post. Agak cuak, debor time dapat (dalam kelas P3) and I quickly did my very own SWOT analysis, with the help of Saba to choose. Lol. So saya yang gila kuasa ini (kahkah) choose a higher post, but with my own strong reason.

We were actually doing our own social experiment and finding ways on how can we help our friends too. We did try to generate income, organized a few simple things as pilot projects. Memang basically kiteorang banyak buat kerja together. Quite penat. And tak pernah aku buat kerja sebulan sebelum final. It should be my resting moment, but nope. Even cuti pun weols kalut (sikit) buat kerja to prepare ourselves for the big project & the trip.

first meeting, with heart to heart talk, about our concern regarding our friends. eceh.
Interviewing random people about students' problem. best weh rasa reporter jap

Ada satu hari ni, time cuti, time aku datang shah alam, lecturer asked us to perform something cultural performance. Mula mula memang ingat nak buat games lah apa lah. Last last… weols dance okay! Hahaha. So memang before trip, we had a lot of dance practice, sebab masing masing kayu weh.

A day before the trip

Last preparation, memang whole week aku a lil bit busy untuk make sure semua ok. Biasalah kan. 3 malam berturut duk practice menari, usha2 costume, dan lain lain. 

last night of dance practice & preparation

Petang before malam kiteorang gerak, I tried to sleep, sebab nak charge battery kejap, sebab tahu nanti guna banyak tenaga. But I couldn’t. tidur pun duk fikir pasal committee, what else missing, etc. sampai I jump out of bed and quickly called amalia (my sidekick + one of the team doc members) to ask for her advice and give suggestion, and actually a new work for them (tiba tiba). Nasib baik okay! Haaa. Satu benda lega, final checklist, abewe is very detail so macam.. I know it should be fine insyaAllah,

Day 1

Time bas sampai, weols terkejut, sebab uitm bagi bas dua tingkat. Memang selesa lah, dengan kami pun tak sampai 40 orang. Dalam 12++ tengah malam kami bergerak, and our journey begin.

before pergi.

I tried my best to sleep, but cannot, since pakcik driver pasang lagu kuat gila, and banyak pulak lagu rock lelama. So everytime nak pejam mata mesti nak ternyanyi sekali haha. Basically memang tak boleh tidur, sibuk sembang dengan orang yang tak tidur jugak. Around 3am kiteorang stop dekat RTC Gopeng, minum air panas, lepak kejap, before continue our journey. Well , around 5 a.m I managed to sleep after a deep talk I had with Mail, talked about the future, politics, parenting, spiritual stuff. Haha.

Around 6 bus dah sampai Changlun, driver settlekan pas kami and we had our subuh prayer dekat sana. Around 7 , mula lah segala procedure dekat border. Luckily we were early, walaupun ramai orang, takde lah pack sangat. And then we waited for the bus from PSU to pick us up at the border. Kiteorang stop dekat duty free area, refresh ourselves, dan mereput kejap menunggu sambil main game Kuda la, Nombor lah, it was a fun way untuk membuang masa.

muka happy dah sampai.

As soon they arrived, they couldn’t pass through the border so we had to take our things and walk across. Rasa perlarian kejap haha. And, yes, a group of friends greeted us. I contacted Karimah the earliest, and we proceed to the next agenda.

From Danok to Pattani takes around 2 hours. We had our brunch at this one gerai by the road, we stopped at the beach jugak (no name beach) just to have the feel of Pattani (sebab dalam schedule tak ada untuk pergi beach lol). 

me and bewe, the mastermind behind all this

habibah, me, nad, saba, cha, malia, noni.

14Care. gambaq kelam. maap.

SSV team :)
banner penting ok. untuk report. huhu.

Amik amik gambar, and weols gerak ke hotel.

The staff incharge, Ms Nusra has waited for us, we check in, allocate rooms, put our things, before some of us went to PSU University to usha the place. Oh btw depa ingat I lecturer. Maybe I Nampak tua or I yang kalut semacam ahaha.

On our first trip to PSU, there were Abewe, Paan, Najib and I. basically kiteorang usha the facilities that we will used and met Mr Suriyon (or can call him Mr Golf) and he was so welcoming!

Balik tu, sumpah barai! Most of the girls had dinner in our room. Our room was actually a mini HQ for everyone to keep things, etc, sebab paling dekat dengan tempat berkumpul. Haha. Btw, I really did not expect much for the hotel but alhamdulillah, it was very comfortable and spacious!

Malam tu, a brief meeting on what to do on next day, our objective, plan and anything that need to be discussed. 

rutin setiap malam.

We had to be adaptable to changes and be flexible, as much as we can. And we even learnt a new dance malam tu jugak! Memang barai malam tu. Huhu.

Day 2

So it’s the start of new day, weols pergi makan dekat gerai depan PSU. 

Makanan best! esp nasi kaomok! Spend extra baht to had a taste of other foods jugak.

Then we proceed to the children’s home. Basically it’s a place were poor and less fortunate kids spend their weekend, having activities with the volunteers and learn new things. We were informed that students from PSU had their own timetable to be volunteers in the place. Oh btw, tagline PSU pun mantap: Our Soul Is For The Benefit of Mankind, can be seen through their students sebenarnya

these are the student volunteers. it was a short meeting but they were helpful!

We had fun. Language was definitely a barrier, but we tried our best to have fun with them. For me, I did the story telling. 

Memang payah. Nak mintak karimah translate lagi, the kids pun dah mula bosan. Last2 kiteorang main plasticine. They are smart kids. Seriously.

Kir cakap amik gambar dekat tulisan 'no photo' baru gangster. ok.

with PSU volunteers

After lunch, kita gerak pergi jalan jalan pulak. The first place we went to was the shrine. 

tak tau pasaipa i look like that
ni macam muzium untuk cerita tu. the real shrine ada berdekatan.

If Langkawi has Mahsuri, so this place ada Lim Ko Niao Shrine. Again, we had language barrier problem jugak but eventually we understand the whole story.

Next, kita pergi dekat Masjid Kerisik, the one yang berkaitan dengan the shrine before this. 

masjid yang tak akan siap dibina, even until now.

And, I just heard about Masjid Kerisik from Salee. Salee studies in PSU. Dia pernah dapat scholarship and study dekat Malaysia, and he took SPM. He knows a lot, best lah sembang dengan dia.

Then kami pergi ke central mosque. Cantik! Suka sangat. 

After we had our prayers, and sesi bergambar, kiteorang bergerak ke Ped Thai market. 

yang ni time otw. sampai sana usha food je haha

Macam pasar malam, but serious makanan dia best! I bought and try at least 5-6 types of foods! Serious best! kengkawan pattani terkejut aku beli banyak gila food, like there's so much space in my tummy! hahah. kerabu maggi dia memang ori. sotong bakar dia. ish. sedap. 

Balik tu, memang penat. After dinner, kami ada meeting, post morterm for the day and next, practice lagi and prepare for the next day.

Day 3

Another long day ahead, and it was the most important day actually. It’s the time to get as much knowledge from them!

in front of their fac. 

Pagi tu, kami breakfast dekat canteen depa. Wei murah nya!! Nasi and dua lauk. 25 baht. Macam rm 2.50 sini?! Bestnya! And I was excited to see banyaknya benda recycling depa kumpul! They have their own ‘simpanan’ yesh.. the money used is for their student activities jugak.

Then, kiteorang ke Maprang room for our discussion. Mula lah sesi workshop untuk kami. 

najib, pn anisha, miss mel, me and paan

The cultural presentation was daebak. Maybe sebab aku memang suka culture, from PSU punya side, depa cerita things in detail. And it was fun to know new things. From their side, they were quite curious about indian culture sebenarnya. Nasib baik ada buat research sikit. The lecturer tanya aku if I’m indian omg!! Hahaha.

The ice breaking was fun. Macam speed dating. And we proceed to the next agenda. The discussion. Ada some last minute changes and we were running out of time. Rasa bersalah gila sebab keep on pushing them. Penyesalan sampai sekarang sebab did not perform well huhu. In this session, students from other major also joining so we need more time for information dissemination. Towards the end I makin barai tak boleh focus. Teruk betul ish ish.

them, time discussion

One thing la, waktu kiteorang discuss tu, they served us with foods, kuih from them mashaAllah sedap gila!

tak tau apa nama dia tapi sedaap
 Petang tu ada dimsum pun sedaaaaappp!! 

Then, sebab cultural night dijadualkan buat lebih awal, weols rushing tukar baju, bersiap and join the cultural night. The food sumpah best especially kerabu keli! Tak tipu!! And there were a lot of dance performance from them. They are so gentle! Lemah gemalainya time menari. Somehow some of the tarian reminds me of Pee Mak punya movie haha.

For our performance, we did great,at least for me! Hahah. Punyalah bagai nak rak berlatih, last last, that 5 minutes je perform. They enjoyed our performance rasanya, terutama time Bollywood hahaha. And paling best from them, ada a group of band boy miming lagu Dari Matamu!! and saba, cha, mal , fazrul, start dancing wei comel gila. Malam tu memang semua high. Everything was so fun.

here some pictures

back from left, hasz, mal, mail, aizat, din, iqin, paan, saba, muz, najmi, najib, kir, am jejangs, bewe.
front from left, kesha, cha, marsya (me) , raha, syitah, sufi, bibah, noni, malia, nad.

aigoo sho kiut everyone. rasa multiracial gila lol.

as you can see, we danced a lil bit of malay, chinese, indian, sarawak dance jugak. and ada dua pendekar bersilat huhu. congrats lah ceoragapher haha.


SBM in Pattani!
Nad, me, cha, saba, bibah.


with asree and inth.

weh serious rasa hindustani omg where is my SRK? hahah

And it did not stop there…. 

of course la post morterm dulu. aku dah melepet dah.

Malam tu lepas post morterm semua keluar lepak dengan gang thai! Sumpah dorang baik sangaaatt!!
 Like for some of them couldn’t send us back so they chose to lepak with us night before. It was fun.

semua keluar ok. semua 28! haha

Day 4

It was the end of the trip. Throughout my stays, other than the pattani friends, I appreciate my roomates. 

tq iqin tq raja.

Biasanya memang aku jadi orang paling last masuk bilik (to settle things and prepare for tomorrow), so they will make sure I’ll get more sleep compare to them, aku akan bangun paling lambat, and like a mom, raja akan tanya, “tu semua dah amik? Yang tu? Yang ni?” dll. Rasa disayangi kejap haha.

So we had our breakfast dekat kedai yang best haritu , check out and bergerak balik.  Sempat main game dalam bas, macam biasa, so it was fun. Tapi now kita main mafia pulak. So much drama! Benda ni buat aku teringat trip pergi Europe. The exact same thing, long journey, we trapped with each other in a small place for a long time, and we had no other choices than spending time with each other. It was very memorable.

with some of them yang hantar sampai border.
Thank you asr, afif, nurma, ayumi, rohanee, kareemah.

Kami sempat singgah danok untuk shopping sikit, 

aku tak beli apa apa sebab.. tak tau nak beli apa. Lepas tu, kami agak lambat. Dapat rasa pakcik bas uitm tu marah huhu. Kemudian bergerak lah kami pulang ke uitm. It was a super long journey. Dengan jam, kena tahan dengan SPAD, (ada random check time tu) so..yeah. but kali ni aku sempat tidur, itu pun petang petang nak maghrib dah. Kami makan dekat rnr and had some deep talks with each other. It was the best experience ever.

Kebetulan , time tu 14care organize event but we couldn’t be around. Dengan penuh rasa guilty, we had our own discussion at the back of the bus. And we talked, and talked and talked.

Around 12 a.m kami sampai seroja. Serious. Penat, tapi best. esok tu smua barai pergi kelas. lecturer ramai perasan hahah.


Done with our travel book, post mortem, and let's see the product of our findings. memang tak sempat nak buat right after balik, mos of us were 14Care, busy sampai step down, then ada trial and finals to focus. insyaAllah akan settle a.s.a.p.

the friendship built among us was definitily something beautiful. different batches, courses, expertise, and semua jenis tak kisah, memang best. other than spending time doing our works, meetings, dance practice, the friendship built along the roadtrip was something memorable. we somehow 'trapped' in a long journey together, and have no choice other than having fun with each other! 

ok bak kata Kir, takde la aku trap mana pun, aku suka menyemak dekat depa hahah.

friendship with pattani friends pun.. the next week, they came to us! yupp

again, most of us turun. semoga dapat membalas jasa baik mereka melayan kami dekat sana. seriously depa baik sangat!

here, random pictures!

noni sibuk duk kecek denge aboh

When I went for the EuroTrip, aku sangat mengagumi those seniors yang handle. But aku tak rasa aku boleh buat. Lagipun, siapa nak buat dengan aku? But.. in my last year, last semester, I had the opportunity to join this team and handle such event. Mungkin tak boleh lawan depa, but I’m happy with my self achievement. And aku rasa, I did the right decision of choosing this position. I learnt a lof from everyone.

The memories were the best.i somehow ‘grew’ with these people. Since abewe memilih anak buah,team mate aku bukan la calang calang orang di 14, so I feel very honored to work with them.

SSV Team.

you guys are da bomb. thank you so much kalian.

to be the vice pd was something i nver imagined. it was quit tu, especially bila abewe pergi umrah, sebab aku tak suka buat keputusan. huhu. have to go back and forth kl shahh alam using public mmg.. penat. banyak jugak cabaran, esp bila kena postponed , weols hampir tak boleh pergi (sbb igt buat bila dah masuk kerja) , contacting direct with psu officer (sebab tu kot depa ingat aku lecturer lol) and im proud to say that i made the medley of the songs lol. pat myself, u did well. with some hiccups. huhu

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