Sunday, November 29, 2015


I guess i had enough of those pressures.
I'm looking forward to enjoy the life while I can, do the things that I like, no much pressure on commitments, and only passion that will drive me further.

Signing off from the works. I'll join if i want to, I love inspirational talks, I love doing works but I'm not looking for another commitments.

We'll see where my passion will bring me..

And hey, it's a week before finals, and im not sure if i'm ready.

May Allah ease.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

finding a friend.

there will be a moment when you hope that one particular person, willingly to put up with you, despite all your flaws, your bad hair day,and you feel so free to let out the child inside you, and of course, to open up with you. so you let your walls down. showing the weakest, the most vulnerable side of you, hopping for that person will catch you when you fall, and to let his/her shoulder for you to cry on.

it can be anyone. your friend, family, boyfriend, crush or just someone who you feel comfortable with, yes it can be anyone.

but things doesn't happen as you wish. you thought that (s)he is the one, that one friend/person you may share everything with, but you never realize how much (s)he is annoyed, and how your life is never a matter to him/her. you are totally ignored, being misjudged and... (s)he left you. alone.

thought of having him/her as the earliest person to share you joy with, to seek for advice, just because you feel comfortable with him/her, but all this while, it was just one way conversation. you thought of being a part of his/her life, to support him/her just like (s)he did to you.

there were no other intention. you just appreciate him/her as much you wanted to share everything with him/her.

and one day you realize. you are a totally nobody, and you shouldn't care about him/her anymore. shouldn't appreciate him/her nor taking care of him/her, anymore.

no, even if you think that (s)he is one of your friend that you appreciate the most, not anymore.

it was all you fairy tales.

you put down your walls, you show the weakest side of you, you let out the child inside you, all, to the wrong person.

does it hurt? it is.

and you still walk on the life. thought of meeting the right person,

you continue this journey, with some wounds of previous memory. and you realize, there are still those kind-hearted people around you, and they're all from your past, your childhood friends. who has been there for you, since forever.

your eyes caught on one of them, the sweetest friend of all, the boy next door, that one person who your mom would agree for you to marry with.

after all the wounds, you realized how he tried to patch it gently, slowly, taking care of you, slowly, hopping for you to let down your walls, and slowly, to let him to see the other side of you.

he never complained about you. the only thing that he knows, you are okay.

but now, you are still wondering if memory repeats? you are wondering if you might get hurt, again. too scared to appreciate. too cautious to be even a friend.

and now you are just hoping that the boy next door will never get tired of you.

Friday, October 23, 2015

nota jumaat

semoga kita istiqamah dalam melakukan kebaikan.
semoga bukan kejayaan yang kita impikan, tetapi kesan terhadap insan dan redha dari Tuhan.

semoga aku, kau, dan kita semua, tabah menghadapi dugaan.
semoga kita kekal tenang walaupun sedang gigih melepasi ujian.

semoga kita sentiasa jelas dengan tujuan di masa hadapan.