Saturday, April 30, 2016


things don't go well just because (s)he is not the one who meant for you.
no matter how hard you try to convince yourself,
you've made the right choice,
it's the ego and the feelings that you have to put aside, knowing that you're wrong for all long.

tell me, it's hard to forget, and harder to move on.
sleep tight, wake up and everything's gone.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

A phase

I have to remind myself over and over again,
life is not a bed of roses.

There is a hard time that we have to face.
We will be at our lowest, weakest point.
And that was actually the moment when the God calling us to bow to Him, in sujood,
to tell Him everything, to seek for His help,
to make us realize how helpless are we without His Guidance and Mercy.

I'm lucky enough to have supportive people around me,
to tell me what's wrong and what's right,
to hold my hand and bring me to the right path.

Sometimes, when I face these difficulties,
I keep telling myself, "I hope this is just a phase that I have to go through".
Keep calm, and let's face this. (even if I'm not calm inside, but I have to justify myself as a calm person lol! Psychology helps)
Ask for His help, He wouldn't put us in something that we are not capable of.
[Quranic verses, 2:286.]

And sometimes, all we need is to force ourselves to be brave and mature enough to face some things.

Remember what Kak Hannan told me : Allah will put us in a test of our faith and our fear.

And yeah, it was just another phase. I'm glad that everything ends up fine. Things get better, I'm one step higher than yesterday, and it was...  ok, I guess.

It was just a phase!

p/s: I need to get ready for a road trip with my friends! #excited.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cheers for a great team

I've seen a group of people compliment each other, having a strong synergy within, and produce a good impact in whatever something they've been working on. 

I've met great leaders who inspire me to be like them. To be a leader, not a boss. To have a family, not just a committee.

I've met people with strong characteristic that drive them further than everyone, higher than their colleagues. 

I've seen these people who can easily connect with people, who can speak the truth without hurting, who work hard for something.

I love this people. For me, they are something. They spread the good vibes, they make people wanted to be someone better.

For these past few years, I observed a lot, while joining events, and working with people. I learn a lot from everyone.

One of the events that give me an emotional attach was ICE, since it was my idea, and it was so hard to convince others and make things happened. I had a great, supportive team. I really love them.

Lecturers' Day 2014 was my first event. I received a lot of guidance from my 2 seniors, and it was the event that made my best friend and I inseparable. Haha.

Annual Dinner 2015, I think I gave my all, and i'm happy with the result,and I cant describe the satisfaction.

As making through Professional papers, I told myself not to join any of the event. I've learnt a lot, that's it. It's the time for me to rest.. until... Yaya approached me to asked a few things about her event, an improvement of ICE, and of course, i'm willingly to help. My term of helping is actually, joining the event as a committee member.

I was told about this 3 weeks before event. Such a short time of preparation for a big event, and we had a one week mid-sem break. A solid 2 weeks in Shah Alam. But then, after I knew the line up of the committee, I know it's gonna be okay.

I had all those people that I love working with in this event. All those leaders, my friends, and I'm impressed on how passionate, and detail are they just to make sure it went well. We worked hard for it. We know we did. I could see how they put their effort in everything. Until the night before the event, I told aimie, whatever happen, I'm happy that I did this.

All those people that I met are those people who I feel I can easily work with, even for the first time.

Qila, Pami, Paei, Sarah, Syira, Aimie, Mail, Aizat, Bewe, El,Ell, Ariff, Aina,Nana and the rest of the team. I'm just happy that I worked with them.

I've work with some of them, and I admire their work piece, even after any events, they are those people who I'll find for any opinion.. in doing works. and sometimes life matter. Lol.

I've told some of them that we have a strong team. And on the event  day itself, Mail told me that this is the strongest team he ever had. Sama lah kita!

One thing that I realized, sometimes a good friend doesn't make a good team, but a good team will definitely make a good friend.

I'm feeling so blessed that I think I should write it here, and share with you (my readers). I know I won't forget this team, and I'm not going to find a better team than this one. But if ada, Alhamdulillah.

Entrepreneur : Our Culture, went well. And now I have to focus on my studies!