Friday, October 24, 2014

late night

What makes you smile so bright in the middle of the night?

Sweet text messages? Long phone call? Or maybe... Memories.Well. Nothing sweeter than memories. At least, for me.

Ah. You know yourself better.

Friday, October 17, 2014


"why me?"
"eh, why not?"
"you are answering my question, with a question,"
"i know."
"i need an answer, not a question,"
"must I have any reason to love you?"
"but you can have 1001 reasons to hate me,"
"hmm.. I could list down more than 1001 reasons, if i want to. but i chose not to list down any."


it's different, when it comes to you. your hair, your eyes, your smile,  your smirk. or maybe, it is just you. behind that baggy shirt, mysterious eyes, there's something in you, something that i saw since the first time we met.  

"weh, i think haris is kinda cool. something about him that i try to figure out." Lisa told  Arin. she choked. "which Haris?" "our classmate lah. the backbencher. the quiet Haris." "you must be kidding me. it's haris. come on, Lisa. you are out of his league. he doesn't seem fun at all." "but we'll never knew, unless if we really know him." i tried to convince Arin but it ended up with I was annoyed with her laugh.


so here am I, the bubbly Lisa, keeping an eye on Haris secretly, from far. wishing the timid looking guy to look at me, even once.

.... to be continued

Sunday, October 12, 2014

new start


i have to say that it's kinda a new start for me. new things just begun. i'm officially and APAcS committee of 14/15. i believe its gonna be a thrilling year for my friends (in the committee) and I. it's awesome actually to try new things with my friends. syazwan is our pres. alia and muhd is with me, and so do effy, aiman, yan, AJ and cha.

i don't know what to expect actually. maybe i should be focusing on giving my best and of course, study, and do the things that i love.

ok here's the conflict, lately i just realized what i want, and it kept bothering me. sebab rasa macam: u go and do that thing if you love it. unfortunately there is just too many constraint. time constraint, money constraint k-ching k-ching. nak kesana, kesini, buat itu, buat ini, lepas tu tak sedar diri trial nak dekat and tak study lagi omg bagus betul.

so i guess i really have to plan everything carefully. makin busy kah aku? idk.i dont want to expect much pun. lagipun kami ramai. 25 ppl. so... we'll see how things will work.

and btw... i think i've move on. insyaAllah. maybe sebab aku dah tau apa aku nak, and i already move on from mata handsome. and i'm so happy for myself :)
just perasan aku makin rapat dengan muhd. and bila orang tanya, muhd malas nak layan and ha'a kan everything. hahah. but yeah, he is my friend. tu je. bding pun.