Saturday, June 25, 2016


Miracles do happen, sometimes.
Tuhan itu Maha Mendengar, even apa yang kita bisikkan,

Today I woke up to a very good news. well it was during suhr time that i read the email. SubhanAllah.

This is just a baby step, i have to work hard for it. Ingatkan dah nak masuk final year ni, aku slow down. Tak sangka, i have at least 3-4 events/significant things to do.

Things come at the most unexpected times. So rasanya boleh lah Marsya menyibukkan diri. Again. I'm loving the vibes, the excitements and the pressure and all the things that keep me busy. It's a good sign, actually.

Surprisingly, there's a lot of diversification and weh, rasa macam, let's try everything!

weh i'm just so excited that im not sure what i'm writing. ok chill marsya jangan excited sangat. lek.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

sem 4


Another semester just ended. I just finished my finals. Learning Professional papers is just another whole new level for me, compared to Fundamental papers. It's a relief ti know the exam has ended, but wait until you think about the results........ jeng jeng jeng. May Allah ease.

First time exam time puasa. it wasn't that bad. cuma lepas habis exam memang rasa completely exhausted. My paper was back to back, two days in a row. I almost fell sick after the first paper ; maybe sebab dehydration, penat, stress, idk. After some paracetamol , cool fever and sleeping on the floor (tak nak bagi heat trap,, lol) , Alhamdulillah ok lah esok tu. but dengan kuasa Allah jugak.

so semester ni apa cerita? Nothing significant. our class ended one month earlier, ada some extra classes jugak provided by UiTM. So after trial exam aku terus duduk dekat rumah, around one month before exams. the last one month was a hectic, psycho month for me. hahah.

Aku tak involve dengan activities sangat but still tolong sikit sikit je orang buat kerja, attend talk that i feel like i want to, NALS, PRIMASH, pergi visit BDO and.. that's all, i guess.

social life? my social circle is getting smaller, and i'm ok with it. it's a phase where i choose to stick with those few (or groups of) people who i really appreciate their presence.

most of my friends are no more in uitm, some dah pindah tempat lain, some busy, or maybe tak jumpa sebab wing kolej lain or kelas asyik clash or subjek dah tak sama. but i'm trying my best to keep in touch with them, and make sure they know my latest gossip! lol

i'm quite relief having SBM around me. they are my laughing pills, gang bebudak seroja. haritu half of us went to a road trip to Malacca together, hehe,

but seeing my friends, again, outside the campus, rasa macam.. wehhh lama nya tak jumpa. especially gang apacs yg dulu. i miss them.

what else nak cerita?

my love life? hahah. dah lah. habis dah. takdak cerita dah. oh btw my friend just got married, rasa macam... wowwww bestnya, jodoh dah sampai. ans im pretty sure it's because they are ready to hold the responsibilities. 

i cant think of other things right now. currently waiting for my mom to pick me up to check out from Seroja. hope dapat kolej jugak next sem.

sem ni habis  dengan... entah lah. buat benda yg elok, kot. aku banyak tak balik rumah sebenarnya. ada je activity time weekend. tapi lepas tu sebulan duk rumah lol.

habis dah satu sem. lega. can't believe another 5 months dah habis.

ramadhan kareem everyone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

i confessed.

and so i did..
i confessed to him, without alarm.
i felt like i just want to do it,  and yeah, i did.
it surely took a lot of guts to confess to your crush, i mean, of course.

i think i was mistaken by this feeling, i was just being totally comfortable having him around, and i realize the consequences of destroying this friendship after this event.

i realize that. but, i guess, i have to bear with this. i mean, it is surely a wake up call for me to move on

i dont really expect anything from him in return, all i wanted to do was to let it out from my chest, since i've been holding it for quite a time.

i dont think that we can be almost the same like before. that is quite sad, seriously, because he is my friend, whom i trust. this thing will surely make him awkward, and i think he wont giving me false hope by treating me the same like he did before.

gosh im so gonna miss our friendship. i hope it's not the end.

i dont know if our friends found out, i dont know why i recklessly jump to my decision,  i cant imagine if we ever meet again.

i didnt feel regret, until just now! lol. after 12 hours of  the event.

but yeah, let's forget about what happened, but i'll be totally understand if he won't treat me the same anymore.

sedih jugak.

since, it is quite hard for me to like someone. and i guess that's it.

but im totally happy because it didnt turn awkward drastically. i like the way he respond, like so chill, just like he is. someone who i respect. no harsh words, just the truth, which i prefer to hear. and even me, i felt a huge relief. and i dont feel sad of rejection, (i expect nothing from him, and can only expect worse) but only because of the friendship that maybe wont be the same anymore.

so tadaaa.

marsya buat rekod. first time aku confess. first time in my life. :)