Saturday, February 13, 2016


seorang gadis yang confident, nampak tabah dan tough diluarnya, masih punya fobia tersendiri.


Paling takut untuk dia dekat.
Paling jatuh keyakinannya kalau bercerita pasal ni.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Move on

Aku tak tahu aku akan ambil berapa lama untuk move on. Aku ada cakap dekat kawan kawan aku, give me a week.

So, what happened in that week?

Marsya jadi lebih diam sedikit, bagi siapa yang sebilik akan perasan. Aku sedih. Aku bercerita just to get rid off this feeling. But then, I had other things to do. Busy sikit last week. And, kami jadi ok balik.

But after a while, jadi macam dulu balik. The latest version of us that I hate to admit. Cold. etc.

Yesterday, I deleted my old conversations, and suddenly I read ours. Wow. What happened to the old us? Yeah, people changed.

So, how long will I take to recover? After those thrilling, sweetest day together, it's already turned bitter.  I guess excessive sweetness will harm. Like diabetes. It kills you, slowly.

The coldness doesn't chill, but it freezes the heart.

I guess it will take more than a week to recover, especially when you hardly fall into someone. And once you do, that's it, you fall deep.

Embrace this feeling, learn to let go, get over it,  later you'll be free from this feeling.

Bad boy is always the best, kan? Ha now padan la muka.

Move on, slowly but surely, you'll get over this.

Isolate yourself for a while. Cmon you can do it!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

thoughts about relationship

sometimes kan, when we feel like we 'ngam' with somebody, maybe it is because we have a lot of things in common. we are comfortable with each other, doesn't mean that we have to be together.
when we talk about a relationship, i always believe that only opposite attracts. we complete each other, support each other, that's how things work. 

and i believe there are maybe some relationship which dont really express their lovey dovey, but instead, they are always there for each other. some may not say anything but action do speaks louder than word. but the problem is when  you misinterpret the hidden message. haha.
and i believe, there is no need to text your partner 24/7, go and have your own life, but at the end of the day, it's your partner, the person you are looking for.

well, it is just a morning thought.

im going to kedah. waiting to depart. bismillah.