“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
Anaïs Nin

Monday, February 27, 2017

suka suka suka?

I find some things funny.

Those phase of denials when we try our best to convince ourselves that we are not falling for that 'someone'. But then, our friends are there, trying to show us what we can't see, the signs are there!

your eyes couldn't stop glowing when you hear their name.
and you can't stop smiling when you talk about that someone.

sometimes you can't help it but be playful with that someone.
and you start wondering, do you really like them or happy to have their company- at least you have someone to tease and ease your boredom.

you listen your friends talking. 'who knows' - they said, 'maybe (s)he is just too shy?'.

wow. what a hope. and now you are scared. of falling, of hoping, of waiting for someone new.

you try to convince your heart it is not happening yet you hoping for the things to happen.

you are unsure of yourself, and you try to read between the lines, for any clues and signs if that someone likes you. you wonder if you should make a move, and you try your best to study that someone.

blogs. articles. youtube. and still asking around for any general signs - in some hope of noticing any, this will act as a green light for you to make a move. you try your best to know that someone.

you try to do everything in a very subtle way, hoping that someone wouldn't notice anything.

later you discover, (s)he is not leaving any signs. nothing. only the act of saying stop hoping.

and you know it is the truth- which feels like a slap to wake you up from this daydream.

it's the time to play it cool, only this time with no heart feelings involve.
it's the time to keep a distance, to put a barrier, and keep moving on.

at a point of time, you are happy to know that you haven't fallen too hard, deeply for that someone, thus the feel is bearable. because you suka for suka suka? haha.

"say you will remember me, say you'll see me again even if it's just pretend"

Sunday, February 19, 2017


Had a very long week for me, esp the weekend. I had so much fun and input throughout the week; which makes it more satisfying.

Tapi, aku manusia biasa kan. At a point of time aku rasa restless. How i wish to take a break from everything. Sampai I ask my self, why am I doing such things? I could just walk away and give up. I can choose to ignore. But I know I just have to keep on going, and insyaAllah I can make through all this! I cant complain, I chose this path, if it's a mess then I have to clean it up.

Tapi Allah tu kan Maha Mendengar, Maha Mengetahui. Maybe He knows I cant take it anymore, and i really in need of some rest.  Like, seriously.. Mentally and physically tired. But things are not as bad as last semester, when i was emotionally tired to.

Thought my hectic week will be extend for another week. But... He is in control of everything kan. 2 'activities' for tonight and tomorrow are postponed. MashaAllah, bersyukurnya, like, finally I have a break!! Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah, i'm getting a rest.

I wont use tonight's moment to study, but focus on a me-time. I need some rest.

Betul lah, Allah tu kan Maha Mendengar doa hamba-Nya. He gives you kelapangan at the moment when you feel everything is stuck and not going your way. He gives you a break, to bow to Him and thank Him for every single blessings granted to us. It may come in every or any way that you cant imagine.

See things as a blessing, you'll be grateful.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pengharapan 2.0

Benarlah indah sesuatu pengharapan.
Siapa sangka rezeki itu berada di mana mana.

Siapa sangka juga mungkin itu caranya Allah mengabulkan doa kita, memberi jalan keluar untuk sesebuah situasi, mengabulkan hajat dihati.

"Careful what you wish for cause you just might get it"

Sentiasalah doa dengan penuh pengharapan. Keyakinan pada Yang Esa itu begitu kuat kuasaNya, diluar jangkaan kita.

Teruskan berdoa. Teruskan berharap. Letakkan keyakinan pada Allah. Teruskan bersangka baik dalam apa jua situasi.